About Us

Who Savance Health Is & What We Stand For

Savance was established in 1998 to provide network and software solutions that automate business processes. We started with the idea that technology could be used effectively to save a business time and money and make lives easier.

To this day, we strive to hire the best people, provide the most innovative solutions, offer the best service, and stand by it all with the unequaled support. We set ourselves apart from the competition by providing the service you need with a personal touch. We actively request feedback, know our customers by first name and incorporate their ideas and vision into our product. Their happiness provides our measure of success. 

This might seem old fashioned, but we care about the things we do and the customers we serve. We wouldn't run our business any other way.

In the Beginning

In 1999, Savance started our software solutions with a product we now call Savance EIOBoard that functions as a communication tool for tracking users as well as monitoring and documenting staff movements throughout their business day. 

We strive to keep our software on the leading edge of the business automation software market.

Some Time Later

Over the next couple of years, the Savance EIOBoard software developed and expanded. We added several features and additions to our package, including enhanced tracking software, electronic displays, mobile integration, and an abundance of tools that surpasses any system on the market today.

Over time we discovered that our clients in the healthcare sector wanted additional features and a software solution tailored specifically to their needs. As a company that prides itself on responding positively to our clients, we developed and launched Savance Health. By incorporating our knowledge gained from our years in business automation we were able to deliver a solution that surpasses the original EIOBoard software and offers functionality for all nuances of hospital management.

The Savance Health package includes electronic patient self check-in kiosks, enhanced hospital tracking software, hospital electronic displays, waiting room displays, as well as our staff management and communication tools. 

Where We Are Now

Savance Health is poised to make a huge splash in the industry with superior functionality and more features than any software on the market. As our competition has been acquired, downsized, and been hit hard by the downturn in the economy and changes in leadership, our focus has remained the same and we've grown stronger. Savance Health was built out of the work we've done in this business sector. Increased demands from our clients brought us to the innovative designs we offer in this arena today.

We've created one of the most unique systems tailored exclusively to the healthcare sector and it’s all based on our years of experience in business automation. Savance Health is currently implemented in several hospitals across the US. We have established ourselves by catering to our customers' requests, holding ourselves to high standards, providing great customer service, and offering the most innovative solutions at the best overall value.

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