Bozart Family Dentistry

Savance Solutions Used:
  • Reduced waiting room times
  • Improved staff productivity
  • Enhanced patient satisfaction

Family Dentist Implements Patient Self Check-In & Increases Satisfaction

- A Savance Health Client Case Study

Bozart Family Dentistry provides comprehensive dental services, including but not limited to orthodontics, dental surgery, periodontics, and cosmetic dentistry, to a wide range of patients. The Bozart philosophy is to fully serve its patients’ needs while minimizing expensive and inconvenient referrals to other specialists.

Recently, the team at Bozart Family Dentistry realized that their patient check-in process was experiencing bottlenecks. While the capacity to provide dental services was sufficient, the support staff was often stretched thin by high patient volume – resulting in long wait times and losses in efficiency for the small practice.

Not only were Bozart’s patients inconvenienced, but Bozart’s staff was frustrated as well. Recent changes in the healthcare industry have prompted providers to move to a more user-centric model. And while Bozart had no trouble providing exceptional dental services, long wait times were leaving customers less and less satisfied with their overall experience. Bozart feared that its recent low patient satisfaction rates could result in the company losing its provider listing, and ultimately hurt its ability to provide quality care to patients. Bozart needed a solution to eliminate the bottleneck in their waiting room – and needed it fast.

The Bozart Family Dentistry team in Wilmington, NC

Bozart was already successfully utilizing a powerful patient management software solution called Open Dental. However, the company did not want to reinvent the wheel by performing a completely new implementation. While Open Dental comprised extensive functionality for patient management, it failed to provide a solution for the bottlenecking of patients at the front desk. Bozart needed an automated solution for admitting patients that wouldn’t interfere with the positive aspects of Open Dental.

Savance Health’s Patient Self Check-In solution fit the bill perfectly. The Savance system allowed Bozart’s patients to guide themselves through the entire check-in process privately, securely, and independently – freeing up administrative staff to devote more time to providing quality care. Moreover, the new Savance software was fully customizable, avoiding the danger of duplicating systems or processes. Now when patients enter the facility, they are directed to a large touch-screen kiosk to start the check-in process. Existing patients with no insurance or address changes can check themselves in without having to wait in line at the reception desk. The result is that Bozart has not only decreased wait times, but has improved patient satisfaction and increased efficiency across the board.