Our HIPAA compliant LED waiting rooms displays are custom-designed and branded for visually displaying pertinent, yet private, information for friends and family in the waiting room. Displays can be easily wall mounted and comes in various sizes ranging from 40" to 55". Each unit comes with with a wall mount PC, 3 year warranty, and a Savance Health Waiting Room Display software License.

Easy-to-use self-service touch screen kiosks to collects pertinent patient information using simple on screen instructions, user friendly for every age. Attach a card reader and it can instantly collect information from a drivers license or ID card. Collect a patient's address, phone number, current doctor, medications, insurance, date of birth and any other information. The information can later be used to expedite the registration process for returning patients.

An up-to-the minute tool for knowing the status, location, and contact info of everyone in the building, using a tablet, laptop or other mobile device. Used for roll calls during fire drills or emergency evacuations. The unit comes with Savance's Emergency Mustering software license.