Discrete room locator that transmits pin-point accurate information from RFID Badges, Patient Locator tags, and Assets Tags, about the location of tagged personnel or assets. Transmissions are processed in real-time with room-level accuracy. With simple installation, modular design and low price, Room Locators are an economical solution to a wide variety of personnel and asset tracking problems.

The RFID Patient Locator is a battery-powered RF transmitter designed to be comfortably worn by children or adults for patient or personnel tracking, attached with standard single-use ¾" wristbands. Patented communication protocols support high tag densities that allow large populations of tags to be deployed in confined spaces. Sealed via sonic-welding to resist moisture and fluids.

Small RFID Badges specifically designed for doctors, nurses, and personnel tracking. Clip onto an article of clothing or wear around the neck. Use with RFID Room Locators, badge tag transmissions can be mapped in real-time to track personnel movement, incl. entrance and exit from controlled areas. Impact-resistant, splash-resistant and temperature-stable, with a read range up to 300 feet. Long battery life (typically 3 yrs).

Securely fasten one of our asset tags to a hospital bed, insulin pump, medical imaging machine or any other device, and be able to locate it with pinpoint accuracy. The assets location can be seen in real time on one of our large screen displays, a PC, or a mobile device.

Centrally located reader that is calibrated and dedicated to interpreting and reporting the radio frequency messages emitted by all our RF tags. Tag transmissions is processed in real-time to quickly locate and identify personnel and tagged assets in any area. A single reader will process in excess of 140 events per second, or 1,400 tags monitored simultaneously with 10-second beacon intervals.