Displays & Tablets

  • Waiting Room Display Boards

    Our HIPAA compliant LED waiting rooms displays are custom-designed and branded for visually displaying pertinent, yet private, information for friends and family in the waiting room. Displays can be easily wall mounted and comes in various sizes ranging from 40″ to 55″. Each unit comes with with a wall mount PC, 3 year warranty, and a Savance Health Waiting Room Display software License.
  • Patient Sign in Touch Screen Kiosks

    Easy-to-use self-service touch screen kiosks to collects pertinent patient information using simple on screen instructions, user friendly for every age. Attach a card reader and it can instantly collect information from a drivers license or ID card. Collect a patient’s address, phone number, current doctor, medications, insurance, date of birth and any other information. The information can later be used to expedite the registration process for returning patients.
  • Emergency Mustering Tablet

    An up-to-the minute tool for knowing the status, location, and contact info of everyone in the building, using a tablet, laptop or other mobile device. Used for roll calls during fire drills or emergency evacuations. The unit comes with Savance’s Emergency Mustering software license.

Floor, Wall and Table Stands

We carry a variety of stands for all Savance Health kiosks, including freestanding floor kiosks, tabletop stands, or wall mounted, all easy to assemble. Place the kiosk close to entrances, reception areas, or patient waiting rooms, to allow for easy patient self check-in. We also offer a heavy duty floor stand option that can hold up to a 42" display.

  • Heavy-Duty Floor Stand

    Heavy duty floor stand for a wide variety of touch screen displays, all the way up to 42″ touch screens. Customize this patient check-in kiosk with a front decal, overhead sign, printer tray for custom labels, and more.
  • Curved Kiosk

    Stylish, freestanding kiosk for patient check-in and registration. This curved kiosk comes in a durable scratch-resistant black powder coated finish, but can be customized with a front decal to fit your branding and messaging. Other options include custom-mounted bar code scanner and kiosk camera; ID or printer tray; and a top sign panel with custom graphics/messaging.
  • Wall-Mounted Kiosks

    Particularly useful in areas where space is limited, easily mount a touch screen patient self check-in kiosk to the wall. Place in a front desk/lobby area, close to the waiting room, or in other areas that allow patients to easily check-in.
  • Desk/Table Stand

    Need to use your touch screen or display on a table or desk? With our desk and table stands, you can place many mid-size touch screens and flat panel displays on any desk or table. Place the table stand close to entrances, lobbies, or waiting rooms so patients can quickly check in for their appointment. The stand is simple to mount and easy to use.

Add-Ons & Accessories

  • Restaurant-Style Pagers

    Enhance your patient experience and communications by using a restaurant-style paging system, a simple device that puts patients and loved ones at ease and gives them the freedom to walk around. Easily assign a pager, then activate it, or send the patient or loved one a message right from a computer. Make communications fast and simple with canned messages.
  • HID Proximity Cards and Keyfobs

    We carry a variety of customizable prox cards or keyfobs for your hospital. Print out customized access cards for guests, patients, or staff and the system will track their locations in real time. For extra security, visitors or guest can be screened against historical directories, identifying those who are red-flagged. Each card has a thickness of about two credit cards.
  • License/ID & Insurance Card Reader

    This ID scanner allows for simultaneous scanning of both sides of a driver’s license, ID card, or insurance card, as well as reading of 2D barcode or magnetic card data. Quickly capture a dual-sided, high-quality image of a card when checking in a patient or a visitor.  
  • Magnetic or Barcode License/ID and Insurance Card Reader

    Collect patient’s demographic information from the magnetic stripe or barcode directly from an ID card, Insurance card, or driver’s license. It is a quick and accurate way to collect and automatically enter pertinent patient information during patient check-in.
  • Magnetic Swipe License/ID and/or Insurance Card Reader

    Collect patient’s information from the magnetic stripe on an ID card, insurance card, or driver’s license. This is a no-hassle solution with easy setup to collect and automatically enter pertinent patient information during patient check-in.
  • Small Wall Mountable PC

    This small inconspicuous pc allows you to run the Savance Health software from any location. At less than 1″ thick and 8″ wide, It can be place in almost any location and conveniently attached to a wall and hidden behind one of our large screen displays. Each unit comes equipped with Windows XP embedded, and Savance Health software.
  • Prox Card Module (Used with existing prox card readers)

    We can tap into existing hardware at your hospital or facility using our HID module. The module can be used to accept badge scans from existing HID readers or combined with a kiosk electronically control a door lock.
  • Electronic Door Lock Kits

    Industrialized electronic door strikes and door handle used to unlock the doors after authentication. Door locks can be configured to be locked in various ways, always open from the inside, or configurable to be locked on both sides.
  • Thermal Label Printer

    Fast, smart, and affordable label printer with thermal printing technology. Works with your existing computer software, incl. Microsoft Word, Outlook, Quickbooks, and more, to create customizable patient and visitor labels. Can also be used for high-res printing of barcodes, address labels, and more. 300 patient/visitor labels included.
  • 2D Barcode Scanner – Tabletop

    Affordable and easy-to-use barcode scanner with point and shoot simplicity. No need to align bar code and scanner. It will read most common 1D and 2D bar codes right out of the box – Just plug in and go. Use it for license or ID scanning, as well as to read employee badges. This version sits on a table top or any flat surface.
  • 2D Barcode Scanner – Wall/Kiosk Mountable

    This barcode scanner is an affordable and easy-to-use scanner with point and shoot simplicity. No need to align barcode and scanner. It will read most common 1D and 2D barcodes right out of the box – Just plug in and go. Use it for license or ID scanning, as well as to read employee badges. Mounts directly to the kiosk or to a wall.

RFID Options

  • RFID Room Locators

    Discrete room locator that transmits pin-point accurate information from RFID Badges, Patient Locator tags, and Assets Tags, about the location of tagged personnel or assets. Transmissions are processed in real-time with room-level accuracy. With simple installation, modular design and low price, Room Locators are an economical solution to a wide variety of personnel and asset tracking problems.
  • RFID Patient Locator Tags

    The RFID Patient Locator is a battery-powered RF transmitter designed to be comfortably worn by children or adults for patient or personnel tracking, attached with standard single-use ¾” wristbands. Patented communication protocols support high tag densities that allow large populations of tags to be deployed in confined spaces. Sealed via sonic-welding to resist moisture and fluids.
  • RFID Badges

    Small RFID Badges specifically designed for doctors, nurses, and personnel tracking. Clip onto an article of clothing or wear around the neck. Use with RFID Room Locators, badge tag transmissions can be mapped in real-time to track personnel movement, incl. entrance and exit from controlled areas. Impact-resistant, splash-resistant and temperature-stable, with a read range up to 300 feet. Long battery life (typically 3 yrs).
  • RFID Asset Tags

    Securely fasten one of our asset tags to a hospital bed, insulin pump, medical imaging machine or any other device, and be able to locate it with pinpoint accuracy. The assets location can be seen in real time on one of our large screen displays, a PC, or a mobile device.
  • RFID Reader

    Centrally located reader that is calibrated and dedicated to interpreting and reporting the radio frequency messages emitted by all our RF tags. Tag transmissions is processed in real-time to quickly locate and identify personnel and tagged assets in any area. A single reader will process in excess of 140 events per second, or 1,400 tags monitored simultaneously with 10-second beacon intervals.