Fully Customizable System for Any Healthcare Organization

Fully Customizable System for Any Healthcare Organization

Create your Savance Health system the way you want it! You can pick and choose various options to help track and monitor patients, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare staff in real-time. Below, we walk you through choosing the right features for your hospital.

  1. Start with a Base System

    Our base system is the essential backbone of Savance Health. We will evaluate your hospital or healthcare clinic and determine the number of patients, doctors, and staff you will need to track.

  2. Select Check-In Station Options
    Patient and Healthcare Staff Check-In Station

    Next, you have the option of choosing a touch screen check-in kiosk for patients or hospital staff to quickly register or check into the hospital. We offer various sizes ranging from 15" up to 55" touch screen displays.

  3. Select Any Add-Ons for the Check-In Stations

    Next, you may also choose to use one of our additional check-in hardware options. These options can be used in addition to the touch screen kiosk station.

    • Badge Card Readers
    • Fingerprint Readers
    • Magnetic and Barcode Card Readers (patients for identification or payments)
    • License/ID and/or Insurance Card Readers (patients for accurate identification)

  4. Select Staff Area or Waiting Room Display Options
    Waiting Room or Staff Display for Healthcare

    Next, you can also choose to allow people in the waiting room to see the status of their friend or loved one, using HIPAA compliant status displays. You may also choose to have the large screen displays for viewing and monitoring doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff. We offer various sizes ranging from 40" up to 55" displays. Add an interactive display option to allow more info upon touch or to update staff or patient status on demand.

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