The Savance Health Approach

The Savance Health Approach

Savance Health is a developer of creative software that offers innovative solutions to problems that have plagued the healthcare industry for years. Our solutions allow for real-time tracking of patients and healthcare staff. Know where everyone is at any time, in real-time.

Savance allows you to improve the patient experience with automated patient check-in, ID swipe registration, paperless account set-up, patient safety, HIPAA compliant electronic information sharing, reduced wait times, and waiting room display screens. The smoother process will increase patient satisfaction. When a patient feels they have received quality care without a lot of hassles from clogged up patient flow, they are more likely to turn to your healthcare services again.

Reduce staff tensions with work flow tracking, easy check-in and check-out, paperwork reduction, bed availability, equipment location, on-call scheduling and electronic hospital display screens. Savance Health will bring efficiency and unity to your departments and teams of healthcare professionals using lean management cost saving techniques. Let our experience in automated business solutions make the difference for you.

Tracking is the Solution

The key to effective management of any business is having the information you need at your disposal to make those tough decisions. Data collection, to some extent, is possible by old-fashioned hunt the document methods, but this is time consuming and labor intensive. By the time you generate enough data to make a difference, the data is already outdated. Savance Health patient tracking software retrieves all data that you need in real-time. There is nothing special to do. Simply let the software bring it all to you.

You’ll be able to generate the reports you need to stay on top of staff to patient ratios, better predict bed availabilities, locate and monitor expensive equipment, monitor patient and staff interactions to improve safety, inventory use and control and hundreds of other uses that come together to save revenue and increase the quality of patient care. We’ll help provide viability through improving effectiveness, efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Promoting a team spirit and making the overall goal of each department and staff member to provide the best patient experience possible is made easy with patient tracker. You’ll be alerted to areas in the system of care that are slow, clogged or in some other way lacking the resource or means to keep up with patient flow. This gives you the ability to make effective changes that make a difference in real-time.

Get Started with Savance Health

Let us show you how Savance Health works. We’ll walk you through the entire set-up and implementation of the software. We’ll get with you to discuss the particular needs of your healthcare organization. The Savance Health system is customizable and fully scalable. Hospitals, doctor’s offices, chiropractors, dentists, cancer centers, urgent care, emergency rooms, walk-in clinics, specialty clinics, medical labs, and outpatient clinics can all benefit from the Savance Health software. Anywhere there is a need to save time and operational costs, the system will work. Automating many of the processes is proven to save time. Time savings quickly adds up to financial savings.

The costs of healthcare continue to rise. Streamlining services and saving money has never been more important. Hospital CFO’s face increasingly difficult obstacles in balancing the bottom line and having the ability to offer quality patient care. Give your healthcare organization the leverage it needs to not only survive a tougher economy and healthcare reform, but the ability to thrive. Lean management and improved efficiency are going to be the ultimate answers.

Contact Savance Health today to see how easy it is to get where you want to be.

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