Customized Reporting For Your Every Need

Customized Reporting For Your Every Need

Savance Health Reports are built into each of the interfaces to produce a quick summary. The reports are packed with information and can be printed or exported. It has the flexibility to allow you to look at reports for individual staff members or entire departments.

Here are a few of the things that can be derived from the information on reports:

Efficiency Tallies

Gradually you'll notice reports indicating that efficiency ratings are climbing when it comes to locating staff members, finding equipment and running a comfortable staff to patient ratio. There are nearly endless numbers of comparative analysis you can do with all of the collected data.

Equipment Maintenance

When equipment maintenance calendars are followed, you'll start getting reports on how replacement costs have gone down. Maintaining the items you already have is the way to save money in the long run. You can even get as detailed as finding out if certain equipment consistently breaks down with one particular staff member using it. Perhaps that person needs more training on how to use it.

Inventory Control

Exercising inventory control is not only prudent, but is one of the better ways to cut operational costs. You will most likely find that initially there is too much inventory in one area, but not enough in another. By tracking the usage of supplies as they are used, you can better order for the future.

Staff Scheduling

Having too much staff scheduled to work on any particular day is just as bad as not having enough. They both lead to financial losses. Having too much staff sends valuable dollars pouring out the doors in unneeded labor. Not being adequately staffed could lead to the patient walking out on services or having to reschedule or turn away patients from needed medical services. There is a chance they might go right down the street and have that service offered to them elsewhere.

Staff Attendance

The check-in and check-out feature bookends the period that data is being collected for an employee. Break times, lunch, late check-in or returns are all monitored. Absentee records are stored for each staff member. All of this can be retrieved in the event that he is being reviewed for a pay raise, or the need for disciplinary action arises.

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