Savance Health Now Integrates with Open Dental

Savance Health Now Integrates with Open Dental

Open Dental and Savance Patient Sign in and Tracking software Integration

Savance Health is proud to announce the integration of our innovative Simple Patient Sign-In and Patient Tracking products with Open Dental software.

Since going to market in 2003 they have established themselves as a leading provider in patient management system for dentist worldwide. Open Dental offers a robust patient management system which offers features like appointment management, treatment plans, billing, dental charts, paper and insurance management. The ability to scale their solution from a single user to multiple users is a key reason why more than 4,000 dental facilities use Open Dental.

With Savance Health’s automated self-service patient check-in we ensure that patients are greeted and registered in a professional manner. Our convenient kiosk allows visitors to simply register themselves using an easy touch screen or by scanning their drivers license and with the Open Dental integration patient arrival and information is automatically updated. Savance takes it a step further with our patient tracking software which provides a digital footprint from the minute a patients arrives. Having a better patient flow improves the experience of your patients as well as employees. By providing patient tracking, management can quickly assess and adjust staff levels to optimize efficiencies and reduce operational cost.

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