Savance Health’s RTLS – A Hope for Reducing Costs and Providing a Better Quality of Care

Savance Health’s RTLS – A Hope for Reducing Costs and Providing a Better Quality of Care

Improving Patient Care with RTLS

The field of medical care is developing at a rapid pace. Everyday is witness to new advancements and new solutions for delivering the best care possible and managing the slim resources of most hospitals and clinics. Just like any business, these medical care providers are constantly searching for viable ways to evolve. That means reducing costs in hopes of boosting the quality of care delivered to patients. It’s easier said than done however, as all hospitals and treatment facilities are fast paced, continually evolving environments.

The truth is, it’s just plain difficult for any medical care provider to juggle and manage the realities of caring for a diverse range of patients, each requiring a specific and tailored medical solution. With that said, Savance Health can help by offering patient tracking services through the use of cutting edge Real Time Location Service technology (RTLS). Properly used, this technology can ensure that providers are capable of delivering quality care to patients while simultaneously keeping costs low.

Empowered with RTLS technology, a doctor or care provider can make decisions and delegate responsibility with real time information about where patients are, their current condition, and any immediate or future attention they may need. This capability has huge potential for care providers in their ongoing quest to eliminate wasted time, manage resources, save money, and deliver higher quality care to patients. With that said however, ensuring that care providers can stop worrying about cost, and focus on care, is just one of the benefits of employing RTLS solutions from Savance Health.

Improving Patient Care with RTLS

Low profile and compact, RTLS devices can keep track of patients with minimal intrusion and discomfort. Due to advances in modern technology, this system can be implemented with very little infrastructure development or replacement. All that is required is a simple tag on a patient that transmits information quickly and efficiently to medical staff.

Reduce the Cost of Redundant Assets

By tracking patient location and condition with RTLS, providers can manage the use and allocation of various machinery and equipment around a hospital.

Asset Allocation and Tracking

RTLS has the potential to save institutions money: Whereas some hospitals used to purchase up to three times the amount of equipment that they needed, just because they had a hard time locating it, effectively implemented RTLS can reduce the need for redundant assets. – Healthcare IT News

This allows a doctor, for example, to know exactly how many Anesthetic machines are in use, or where and when one will be available next. If a patient requires treatment for several different problems or conditions, RTLS can help care providers collaborate to know exactly where that patient is and when the best time to deliver care will be.

Deliver a Better Quality of Care

These are just a few examples of how RTLS patient tracking technology from Savance Health can help hospitals and care providers deliver quality care to patients, ensure maximum efficiency, and simultaneously save money. If you’re organization is ready to select and focus on attainable benefits leveraging our RTLS solution, we encourage you to visit us at and read more on our RTLS solution. Then call us so we can find the solution for your facility, and see how we can help to reduce operational cost, improve efficiency, and improve patient and staff satisfaction.