Patient Self Check-In

Customizable & Easy-to-Use Electronic Patient Self Check-In Solution

Patient Self Check-In

Customizable & Easy-to-Use Electronic Patient Self Check-In Solution

The Savance Health Patient Self Check-In solution allows hospitals and healthcare clinics to replace paper sign-in sheets and patient intake forms with a real-time, HIPAA-compliant electronic patient self check-in solution. Results include a quicker patient registration process, more accurate patient information, shorter wait times, and more satisfied patients.

When a patient comes to a hospital or a clinic to check in, you want two important things to happen:

  1. You want to acquire accurate and complete information about that patient.
  2. You want to make the registration process as patient-friendly as possible.

Savance Patient Self Check-In allows healthcare facilities to accomplish both goals efficiently and effectively. From a financial standpoint, many healthcare organizations could save tens of thousands of dollars each year by being able to collect accurate information on all patients. This includes eligibility and payment verification processes, which have been further complicated by private insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, and Obamacare. Savance Health provides tools for both manual and automatic verification, prior to rendered services.

From a patient perspective, simplifying the registration process and cutting down on the amount of time patients have to wait for medical attention also improves the patient experience. Our customers generally see an immediate impact on patient satisfaction.


  • Speed up registration and reduce patient wait times.
  • Customize the solution to collect all required information during patient check-in, including co-payments.
  • Patients can scan driver’s licenses and insurance cards and the system will automatically capture the required information.
  • Avoid HIPAA violations and improve patient satisfaction.
  • Eliminate paper sign-in sheets, and simplify data entry.

How Does It Work?

Patient Self Check-In Solution at Children's National Hospital

Greet Patients Easy-to-Use Touch Screen Sign-In Kiosks

When entering the hospital or clinic, patients are met with an easy-to-use touch screen sign-in kiosk that has been custom-designed for your organization. Patients begin the registration process by scanning their driver’s license, or by entering their information directly onto the touch screen pad. In order to keep waiting times at a minimum, the step-by-step check-in process is quick and easy. The software can even pull information automatically from a driver’s license, ID, or insurance card, and ask the patient to verify that the information is up-to-date.

Fully Customizable & Configurable with Multilingual Options

Easily customize the questions asked by the Patient Self Check-In software during sign-in to collect all the information you need on the patient, whether that be the basics such as address, phone number, health insurance, and date of birth, or special case scenarios like fall risks, infections, or interpreter requests. A copy of insurance and ID cards will be saved automatically into the system. Multilingual options and co-payment processing also available.

Customizable & Custom-Branded Electronic Self Check-In Solution for Healthcare
Custom Patient Self Check-In Solution Designed for Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Custom Patient Check-In Solution Designed for Tennova Health
Custom Patient Self Check-In Solution Designed for Northwell Health

Add-On Options & Solutions to Extend Use

As another way to enhance the patient experience, and as a part of the patient check-in process, you can also choose to integrate a paging system, similar to those found in restaurants. Give patients and family members the freedom to walk around, and send them messages and updates straight from a computer or a kiosk. To further increase visibility and communication, be sure to see Savance Health Waiting Room Display, a HIPAA-compliant and custom-designed solution that keeps patients and family members fully informed of waiting times and updates, straight from the waiting room.

Healthcare Waiting Room Display Sample

Next Steps

Savance Health offers a free demo of all our healthcare solutions. Contact us today for more information about Savance Health Patient Self Check-In, or to sign up for a demo. We would also be happy to put together a custom solution that helps your healthcare business operate as smoothly as possible, based on your particular circumstances and needs.