Waiting Room Display

HIPAA-Compliant Solution to Increase Patient Visibility & Communication

Waiting Room Display

HIPAA-Compliant Solution to Increase Patient Visibility & Communication

Savance Health Waiting Room Display is a HIPAA-compliant solution that keeps patients and family members fully informed of waiting times and updates, straight from the hospital or clinic waiting room. Savance Health allows you to improve quality of care and patient satisfaction through increased visibility and communication, while at the same time protecting patient confidentiality.

Lack of visibility in healthcare waiting rooms often result in patient and family member anxiety and frustration; however, when patient privacy is at stake, there is a fine line between giving too much information and too little.

Savance Health Waiting Room Display was designed to follow a trusted method of HIPAA protection for patient confidentiality. It does so by hiding identifying patient information, using a random number, word, or an image icon to represent the patient. This way, patients and family members can be kept fully informed —in real-time— at all times throughout the visit.

By following a process to update staff, patients, and family members, your healthcare facility will see a boost in performance from better visibility, service, and organization. Thanks to constant and automatic communication and information, you will also notice significantly improved patient satisfaction scores. As an added bonus, you can virtually eliminate patients or family members constantly requesting updates, freeing staff up to focus on patient care.


  • Improve quality of care through constant communication and peace of mind.
  • Keep patients and family members informed of updates and waiting times.
  • Free staff up to focus on patient.
  • Provide patients with a HIPAA compliant solution that protects their privacy.
  • Professional custom design and branding

How Does It Work?

Give Patients & Loved Ones Real-Time Status Updates

Savance Health Waiting Room Display provides real-time updates shown on large wall-mounted digital communication boards, available in a wide variety of sizes. Healthcare staff can easily post patient status updates using a healthcare tablet, a PC, a kiosk, or a smartphone.

The Waiting Room Display software is fully customizable as far as fonts, sizes, colors, layout, and branding goes, and can be made to suit the look and feel of your organization. For example, the screen example to the right shows how the software was custom-designed for a large children’s hospital, using fun, colorful animal icons to represent each child.

Layout & Content Fully Customizable – Branded to Your Organization

The layout of your Waiting Room Display can range from a basic grid-style display —listing a patient’s appointment time, current status, and more— to a mixed content design showing patients based on doctor or current location (waiting room vs care area, for example), along with additional information, such as local weather, hospital announcements, and more.

Also customize the information you display, for example:

  • Current wait time for the next procedure;
  • Comments left by staff;
  • The status of the patient;
  • What phase of surgery the patient is in;
  • The attending nurse and physician;
  • The patient’s current location;
  • Mixed content, for example local weather and hospital announcements.
Electronic Waiting Room Display
Electronic, Row-Based Waiting Room Display with Randomly Assigned Number
Waiting Room Display for Children's Hospital with Animals Identifying Each Patient
Custom Waiting Room Display with Patient Icons, Weather, and Announcements

Add-On Options & Solutions to Extend Use

Based on your particular needs, Savance will put together a package consisting of our Waiting Room Display software along with appropriate hardware. As another way to enhance communication, visibility, and the patient experience, integrate a patient paging system, similar to those found in restaurants. Give patients and family members the freedom to walk around, and send them messages and updates straight from a computer or a kiosk. If you choose, this can be integrated directly into Savance Health’s Patient Self Check-In system. To increase staff communication and visibility when it comes to staff and/or patient statuses, you may also consider a custom-designed Healthcare Staff Display.

Color-Coded Healthcare Staff Display for Patient Statuses & Increased Visibility

Next Steps

Savance Health offers a free demo of all our healthcare solutions. Contact us today for more information about Savance Health Waiting Room Display, or to sign up for a demo. We would also be happy to put together a custom solution that helps your healthcare business operate as smoothly as possible, based on your particular circumstances and needs.